Florida Resources

State of Florida Driver’s License Check
If you have your Driver’s License number, then you can check the State of Florida’s website to see whether it’s suspended or revoked and the reasons behind the suspension.

Status of Criminal and Civil Charges
You can find out information about Criminal or Civil charges by their case number or name on the Clerk of the Court Websites.
1. Broward County Clerk of the Courts
2. Palm Beach County Clerk of the Courts
3. Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts
4. Some Other Clerks of Court in Florida
5. Embassy of the United States, Kingston, Jamaica

Incarcerated Individuals
You can find out if someone is incarcerated, what the charges are for, and their projected release date at the following sites.
1. Broward Sheriff’s Office
2. Miami-Dade County Corrections
3. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
4. Florida Department of Corrections

Status of Immigration Cases
1. Green Card Status
2. Visa Status